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If you are seeking to jump-start the life-long career you have always been dreaming of, and meet the requirements for any of our existing job opportunities, we want to hear from you!  Please take a few minutes to send us your resume.   Also include a little bit about your experience in the dehydrated water industry.  We are anxiously awaiting your application!


As the world's fastest growing dehydrated water establishment, we are constantly looking for the best employees. offers its employees a comprehensive benefits package that provides the greatest flexibility and convenience. If you are a team player that is looking to make a difference, and fit the requirements of one of the jobs listed below, We Want To Hear From You Now!!!

Here are just a few benefits of employment:

  Free dehydrated water
  Employee events
  Casual work environment
  401k program
  Dental/Medical/Vision plan
  Unlimited Stress
  Harassment of all sorts
  Yearly bonus
  Term life insurance
  Long term disability
  3 Vacation days/year
  2 sick days/year
  Free transportation to work by mule
  Complimentary Twinkies
  Minimum wage salary
  Free paper clips
  Usage of restroom facilities
  Ketchup packets from McDonalds
  Napkins from Del Taco
  Straws from 7-Eleven
  Usage of our customers' credit cards
  Unlimited toilet paper
  Office supplies to use at work
  Air conditioned office (Winter months only)

Current Positions Available:
We have temporarily suspended hiring due to the implementation of ObamaCare.  Although we plan on hiring again soon, we want to assure all our current and future employees that we will do everything possible to always keep them at the highest minimum wage salary possible.