frequently asked questions

"Is this product thicker than blood?  If so, will it dissolve the Mafia and other family owned businesses, reverse inbreeding, stop 'ethnic cleansing', etc?"
Response: We are testing this at the present time.

"What kind of reaction can I expect from my cat and plant if I only feed them dehydrated water?"
Response: Dead cat.  If you only consume one type of product and nothing else, you will ruin your body.  You must have a well balanced diet; even with dehydrated water.

"In a family owned dairy restaurant on west 72nd street in New York, when anyone asked this elderly Jewish waiter for more water, even while in the middle of arguing with one of his colleagues, and without changing the surly expression on his face, he would ask, 'Vet or dry?,'  Is he the patent holder of your enterprise?  Did his patent expire? Or are you ripping him off?
Response: He must be one of our proud resellers.  Don't envy him; join him.  Click on the 'Resellers' link to learn how.

"I don't get it.  I've heard of dehydrated onions.  But you use water to hydrate them.  If your product is dehydrated, doesn't that mean the water has been taken out?"
Response: Yes, it looks like you get it now.

"Sounds like air to me... A lot of hot air!"
Response: Really?  I never knew that air could make noise.

"If water is dehydrated, what do you have to do to drink it ... add more water?"
Response: Why does everyone think they have to drink dehydrated water?!  It's like saying how do I drink ice cream?  Yes, you can change the state of the product by heating it, cooling it, adding water, but why?  Just enjoy it in its natural dehydrated form.

"How about selling dehydrated/compressed air.  I'm sure some idiots in Los Angeles would buy it."

Response: You live in Los Angeles?