frequently asked questions

"I'm am a University graduate student.  I majored in chemistry.  You cannot dehydrate water.  Dehydrated water is a hydrogen atom-and the most compressed form of water is steam.  Sorry guys-You suck ass!"

Response: Obviously your university did not teach English or chemistry.  "I'm" is a contraction for "I am".  Thus, it is improper to write "I'm am..."  unless you are a stuttering fool.  Now, for the 'suck ass' accusation... Return to school and learn the difference between dehydrated water and a hydrogen ion.  Steam is actually the most *uncompressed* form of water.  

You guys must think the world is stupid... Give me a break."

Response: No, actually the world can't be stupid, as it has no brain.  It's the people who live in this world that scare me.

"I'm currently trying to lose weight and wondered if you could supply me the caloric content of your dehydrated water.  Also, if I drink a lot, will I gain water-weight?"

Response: It has been proven that if you consume dehydrated water and nothing else, you will lose weight.  Before attempting to do this, you should consult your doctor and inquire about the benefits of dehydration and starvation.

"How do you dehydrate water?  Please explain the process in detail."
Response: If we tell you how to make dehydrated water, why would you buy it from us?  Sorry, can't help you on this one.

"How many replies do you actually get from this site and what exactly do you send as a sample?"
Response: We receive a reply about every 12 seconds.  We ship a sample package of dehydrated water.  Hey, couldn't you have figured that out from our domain name?

"Is this a prank?... a midterm to see how many suckers there are in this world?"
Response:  No, we already found you.  This site was made for those who enjoy the benefits of health, happiness, and dehydrated water.  So enjoy!

"Isn't dehydrated water basically 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen, which is basically the air you breathe when it is broken down?  Did I miss something?
Response:  Yes, it appears you have missed something.  H2O is regular hydrated water; the same polluted stuff that comes out of your sink.  We do not offer H20 or hydrated water.  As you can tell from our website, we only offer Dehydrated water.