frequently asked questions

"Does your product or process harm the ozone layer or increase pollution levels?  Do you test your product on animals?  Do you recklessly use an irreplaceable natural resource?"
Response:  No, No, No!  We care about the inhabitants and the environment of this great world.  Our product is safe, natural, and everyone can use it. 

"This is really cool!  I take it you are retired or independently wealthy to spend so much time on your site."
Response:  Thank you for the complement.  Actually, I have no life.  I live on a very small, remote island, located a million miles away from civilization.  I get paid .02 cents per hour to respond to worthless emails like yours. 

"Can hospitals use your dehydrated water for enemas."
Response:  Yes, infact we were informed that it did not make as much mess as the hydrated water.  In addition, whatever came out looked like talcum powder. 

"Is this a gag?"
Response:  Are you serious? 

"It's worth sending you $9.95 just to see what I get.  I can't believe you have so many satisfied customers."
Response:  I can't believe you can be so dense.  From the name of our web site, I thought everyone would be able to figure out that we sell dehydrated water.  You are proof that this is not the case.  If anyone knows any way of making this clearer, please let us know. 

"Can I stretch out my 50 gallon package of dehydrated water by mixing it with 70 gallons of water?"
Response:  Common, don't be cheap.  It only costs $9.95 per 50 gallons.  Just buy another one.  Besides, there is nothing worse than the taste of diluted water. 

"I know this is a really STUPID question, but do you spoon dehydrated water in your mouth?"
Response:  You're absolutely correct...  That is a very stupid question.  Thanks for sharing your intelligence with the world.