frequently asked questions

"Has anyone ever sent you money and ordered dehydrated water?"
Response:  Yes, thousands of people.  We receive orders daily. 

"Does the Better Business Bureau know about this site?"
Response:  I'm not certain.  I hope they do though.  Everyone could use some nice, refreshing, dehydrated water... even those BBB thugs. 

"Does dehydrated water come in different flavors?  Like some of the flavored waters?"
Response:  From random taste tests, we have determined that our customers felt our water tasted too clean.  So we are now market testing flavors that the general public are more accustomed to.  They include Super Sewage Flavor, Oil Spill Delight, and Tropical Mold fortified with Rust.  If the results are positive, you will see these added to our online store. 

"What makes dehydrated water so much cleaner than regular water?"
Response:  All the impurities have been removed. 

"Should I drink dehydrated water if I'm dehydrated?"
Response:  If you rehydrate it first, it will quench your thirst. 

"Do you have plans to open a dehydrated water bar?  Maybe you could work together with owners of already existing oxygen bars."
Response:  Sounds like you should become one of our resellers.  Sign up today! 

"If my delivery of dehydrated water is delivered while I am at work and it rains on the box before I can take it inside, will it flood my driveway?"
Response:  Yes, it's possible.  To prevent this from occurring, you should make sure all your drains are clean of debris before you go to work.