frequently asked questions

"Do you sell in bulk --- I would like to fill my swimming pool with dehydrated water.  Can I drown if I fall asleep in a pool filled with dehydrated water?"
Response:  We do sell in bulk.  Just let us know how many gallons you need, and we'll be able to quote you a price.  I've heard of many amazing things that I never thought possible.  I know one person who seriously thought the CD player on their computer was a cup holder.  Another person thought the mouse was an ergonomic foot rest.  If you are one of these people, yes, it is possible that you will drown.  But then you might be doing society a favor... so go for it!

"What effects does it produce if you snort it?"
Response:  Dry sinus passage

"Do you have any pictures of your product?"
Response:  Yes

"Do you sell dehydrated water by weight or by volume."
Response:  We sell by the gallon, but that is in the hydrated form.  So a package of 25 gallons of dehydrated water, is actually 25 gallons when it is rehydrated.  The dehydrated form of water is much less in weight and volume than water in its hydrated form.

"Are you guys for real?  This is a bunch of dehydrated shit."
Response:  Yes, we are real people.  And no, we do not sell dehydrated shit.  Perhaps we should look further into the market potential of that product.

"Can you take a shower in dehydrated water?"
Response:  Yes, and it will leave you with a very unique and remarkable dry feeling.  The best part is that you won't even need a towel to dry off.

"So in plain, simple English, what is dehydrated water?"
Response:  It's one of the cleanest, purest, healthiest substance on Earth.