frequently asked questions

"I recently opened one of your packages and inhaled some of your product.  Can I get illnesses from dehydrated water in the lungs?"
Response:  Unlike the dangers associated with regular water in the lungs, it has been proven that our dehydrated water does not pose any threat to your lungs, when consumed in moderation... anything consumed in excessive amounts could be dangerous.

"If I jumped into a pool of dehydrated water, would I drown?"
Response:  Try it and let us know the results.  But first get some life insurance and list us as your sole beneficiary.

"Does dehydrated water stay crispy - even in milk?"
Response:  We highly recommend dehydrated water with milk products.  It adds a robust, yet airy feeling to the milk.

"For the Dumb idiots who can't figure it out... Water is H2O, Remove the H2 you are removing the Hydrogen, leaving O, or Oxygen."
Response:  I'm sorry, and what was your point with this statement?  We sell dehydrated water.  We do not sell hydrated water, nor do we sell pure oxygen.  By the way, you might consider enrolling in elementary school to learn the rules of capitalization.  Good luck on your educational endeavors.

"Is dehydrated water suitable for those on a low sodium diet?"
Response:  Yes!

"How do I stop the dehydrated water escaping when I your package?"
Response:  Upon opening the package, the contents should be rehydrated immediately.  If you don't plan on doing this, we recommend leaving the package sealed.

"Can you ship to the UK?  If not, I would be interested in opening up a franchise for you."
Response:  We ship to the UK, but we encourage you to join our global team of resellers.  With our reseller program, you may begin to start making money within just a few minutes with little or no upfront costs.