frequently asked questions

"I know this is off topic, but how can you have children that are 2 and 4 months apart from each other?
Response:  No one said they are from the same mother.  I was just kidding.  I don't have any kids.  I view them as a threat to my dehydrated water empire.

"wtf is dehydrated water?  do you like eat it or something?  what the hell!  freaking crazy!"
Response:  You sound like one of those trashy valley girls from Beverly Hills that are made fun of by upper-class trailer park dwellers. Let me guess, you watch 90210, MTV's Real World and HBO's Sex In The City, right?  Grow up, get a life, go to college, and then come work for us.

"I live in a trailer park and don't appreciate your sarcasm against trailer park dwellers."
Response:  If it will make you buy our product, then we apologize and don't mean any harm.  I do have a question though... If your trailer park floods, and all the trailers slide 50 feet down the park, does everyone have to file a change of address with the United States Postal Service?  How would they find you?

"What effects could I expect from using dehydrated water in my radiator?."
Response:  Countless tests have proven that dehydrated water is so fine that it will seem as though you are using nothing at all.

"You guys absolutely rule, these idiots writing you...wait...dammit.  Now I've become one of them..."
Response:  Hehehe... no comment.