frequently asked questions

"Is it necessary to rehydrate your product before use, like any other product?"
Response:  It depends on how you choose to use the product.  If you wish to consume it, you must rehydrate the dehydrated water first.

"Can I freeze dehydrated water?"
Response:  Yes, certainly!  I guess it would then be called 'dry ice'.

"Are you serious?  This site is a joke, right?"
Response:  This site is for real and we actually sell dehydrated water.

"Can I rinse out the package and reuse it?"
Response:  Yes, but you must dry the package completely.

"Is your dehydrated water fresh or from concentrate?"
Response:  Our dehydrated water is always fresh and never from concentrate.

"How will I know when I've run out, and when I should reorder?"

Response:  Once you have used the product, you will need to order more.  We recommend ordering in 3 to 6 month supply increments. 

"Are there any side effects, like dry eyes, dry mouth, dry skin, dry hair, etc?"

Response:  We have not been able to find any negative side effects when used with a regular balanced diet.  If you have specific health concerns, you should seek advice from your doctor first.

"How do I spit it out if I don't like it?"

Response: Simply exhale and the dehydrated water will leave your body.

"I urinate too frequently.  Will it help me with that?

Response: No, stop drinking a case of beer every day and that should help.  If compulsive urination persists, contact your doctor.