In our buyers words...

"My wife, daughters, and I  would like you to know that we love your product.  I drink, wash my car, and bathe only with dehydrated water we buy from your website.  My wife even washes the dishes with dehydrated water.  When I get off work, my girlfriend has a frosty glass of dehydrated water waiting for me at the hotel room...then when I get home that night at about 4 am, my wife has left me an ice-cold glass of  refreshing dehydrated water on the nightstand.  What a great life this is.  Thank you, Buy Dehydrated Water."

more Testimonials

"On behalf of the folks out here in Texas, we would all like to thank you kind people for offering so much dehydrated water to our almost waterless communities.  Your kindness and generosity has helped many, many Texans.  Thank you again and may God bless your souls."

Response:  What can I say?.... Thank you.  It means so much to us, knowing that we have positively impacted another's life. 


"What in the world is this dehydrated water stuff?  Let me guess, next you're going to come out with caffeine free caffeine, right?"

Response:  It's a very simple yet complex process; take water and dehydrate it.  The end product is dehydrated water.  I'm not sure about the caffeine free caffeine thing.  It doesn't seem to make sense.  I'll run it by our Marketing Department to see what they think.  Thanks for the idea.


"This is hilarious.  The website you put together definitely is enough to yank even the most tight assed chains. Buy Dehydrated Water rules!"

Response:  Although our website is upbeat and humorous, we take our work very seriously.  We are experts in this new emerging industry and take great pride in the service we provide the world with.


"Wow, what a great site!  I will be telling all my friends to come and get their dehydrated water!  I was impressed with the ease of storage.  No more worries about weather my water was fresh enough.  Now I always keep a gallon or two on hand.  Thanks again for such a great product!"

Response:  And thank you for being such a great customer, follower, and promoter of dehydrated water!


"I am delighted to learn of your inspired concept.  For years whenever I boiled water, I always boiled extra and froze it for later use.  But you have done me one better.  Keep up the great work!"--- "You are nuts!"

Response:  No, I am human... My doctor verified this.


"Too cute."

Response:  I know.  Everyone tells me I am so adorable... Oh, you were talking about this website --- thanks for the complement.